New Garage Installation

Garage Installation

At Seattle Garage Repair Services, we provide on-site field estimates. We promise professional installation services to ensure that your new garage works flawlessly and looks great. Just like any home project, installing a garage involves several steps and challenges. At Seattle Garage Repair, not only We provide complete installation services, we stand by our products. That means providing dependable repair services.

What makes us Different?

You may have seen do-it-yourself garage door kits at big box stores, and wondered if you should take on the task yourself. While it might seem like a fun challenge, installing a garage can be a complex project. We have an experienced team with more than 10 years of professional experience to execute this important task properly. Before we undertake any project, We conduct a free site survey, Our engineers deliver and erect your new garage, all included in the price. We will assess all aspects relating to the process.

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